From TODAY Your Dream Of A SERENE And CALMING Japanese Garden CAN Become A REALITY


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Imagine This For A Moment…

“You look out your window at the gentle swaying of Maples and bamboo in the breeze…pruned shrubs and trees bursting with colour…

Soothing water trickles between symbolic rock islands and geometric gravel swirls.

For a moment, you think it’s a dream.

But this is your garden. It’s REAL. And it was achieved much quicker, and more easily than you could ever have imagined…”


Dear Japanese Garden Enthusiast!

I’m so proud and excited to have this opportunity to let you know some VERY Good news……because this could be genuinely life-changing for you, and bring your dreams to vibrant life, right before your eyes.

I would like to help you create the perfect Japanese Garden or Zen garden.

Soul Stone

It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is… how much time you have spare… or how much money you’ve got saved. I can help you create your own private paradise easily, without great cost, and tailored to fit even the pokiest (6)

The results will be a sense of peace, harmony and immense satisfaction whenever you’re at home… something that’s invaluable in this stressful, chaotic world.

If you can spare a couple of minutes, I’ll show you EXACTLY what I mean by briefly explaining The Japanese Garden Club and what’s in it…..

-This is crucial- HOW to pick exactly the right space for your Japanese garden and make the most of even the smallest, most awkward area. Japanese gardens are miniature by nature, which is why they work ANYWHERE.

– How to create a garden with simple, inexpensive tools that you used every day at school. This could save you from wasting a LOT of money.

– Precise, exquisite design ideas created by experts, which you can take “off the peg” if you’re worried about a lack of creativity or planning time, this will solve the problem instantly.

– How to budget for your garden and to do-it-yourself with as well as a professional designer – even if you lack skills and confidence.

– What to put in your Japanese garden to make it as beautiful as it can be…and what you MUST avoid at all costs.

– Endless ideas, after—support, care tips and advice to make sure your garden keeps getting better and more beautiful, year by year.

I’ve spent over 12 months putting together a members-only resource that will help turn your dream of a beautiful, tranquil Japanese garden at home a reality. And you’re invited to be one of the first to try it.

There are over 50 topics within The Japanese Garden Club… featuring video’s, audio interviews, design projects, plans and top premium quality Japanese garden information and help. and lots of tips!

Here’s a shot of what the members area of ‘The Club’ looks like….


You can join me today in this ground breaking project without risking a single penny of your hard-earned money.

Membership Options

This is your your special invitation. All I ask is that you keep this information to yourself. This is for your eyes only. What’s more, I’d urge you to snap up your invitation fast, as this is a strictly limited programme, for reasons that’ll come clear:

‘At last you can enjoy the perfect Japanese garden’

Find out How to get ground breaking, practical help that’ll push you to achieve your goals…of having a little piece of Japan at your home.

The knowledge and HELP to turn a dull,neglected and messy yard from THIS:

before_3To a stunning garden like THIS:

Anna Barkers Japanese Garden design.

Anna Barkers Japanese Garden design.

Thanks to a powerful combination of videos, books, articles, diagrams and a community support network, you’ll have everything you could possibly need to create your garden and look after it…

Best of all, you’ll be able to do it in your OWN time… during days or hours that suit you… at a budget that suits your bank balance.

(Believe me a Japanese garden designer or specialist company will cost you a lot of money!)

I’ve made sure this is the lowest price, easiest, quickest way anyone can create a Japanese Garden or Zen garden…. without hitting obstacles, running out of time or getting frustrated.

-You’ll quickly learn the essentials, expert tips and the tricks the professionals use to create Japanese garden and Zen gardens – like what to plant and what not to, how to grow moss, pruning advice, how to ‘set’ stones, water feature ideas, discover the importance of pathways, bridges and boundaries and that’s just for starters!

– It doesn’t matter how big or small your budget is OR what size space you have available for your Japanese garden. It makes NO difference whether you have gardening skills or not .Everything is laid out for you to watch, listen, read and be inspired.

– Hand – picked Japanese garden designers and experts from all over the world will share their advice and inspirations with you. They keep their advice simple and straight forward and above all it is easy to follow and duplicate in your Japanese garden.

– If you already have a Japanese garden and wish to extend your knowledge and perhaps upgrade your design then this is PERFECT for your garden as well.

I can’t wait to show you what’s in store – and get you started on a garden that will absolutely stun your family, friends and neighbours.

But I can’t promise to hold the doors open forever on this one. I’ve made just over 100 places available in The Japanese Garden Club at a special price, so please ACT now to snap up your place….

 ‘Yes, make my garden dream a reality’

Membership Options

Just look at some of the world experts lining up in The Japanese Garden Club to help and give you ideas:

Ken Honda of the Japanese Horticultural Societya special lecture on Japanese garden ingredients and their meaning.

Ray Townshend of world famous Kew Gardens – he’ll share his Japanese garden knowledge from Kyoto to London. I think you will love him, as he’s a really fun character!

Photographer and Japanese garden author David M Cobb explains the elements of a  Japanese garden and their visual impact.

Steve Mazloumian – He spent 7 years living in Japan and has built his own twist on a traditional Japanese garden at his home. He’ll show you how he created a garden with a Koi pond, a Zen area and even a wall with a moon window in it so visitors can peer into his private garden from outside!

Steve's AMAZING garden

Steve’s AMAZING garden

Anna Barker – fantastic garden designer responsible for the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photo’s that you have just seen. She takes you through her Japanese garden design project in audio and video so you can see exactly how to get the same results for your own garden space.

AND then there’s me Russ Chard. I turned a waste corner in my garden into a tranquil and calming Zen garden.

My small space Zen garden

My small space Zen garden

Now I am building Phase 2 which includes a hill garden with dry riverbed and a raised gravel, moss and rock garden for very little money and a lot of SATISFACTION!

Imagine having these experts give you the ultimate shortcut to the perfect garden. See? I told you this was exciting.

JOIN The Japanese Garden Club NOW Simply CLICK The Subscribe Button Below

Membership Options

As well as their invaluable help inside The Japanese Garden Club you’ll also get…

Design plans and video instructions for making a Japanese garden these are fun, straight forward and easy to follow. You can even watch my series of videos for  phase one of my own Zen garden at my home – step-by-step instruction on the simple techniques to make your garden become a reality.

Free books including ‘Japanese Zen Gardens’ Japanese Zen Gardensand Japanese Gardens -Revealed and Explained’ which has a wonderful tree and shrub section by master gardener L.H Bailey – this amounts to nearly 300 pages of help and insider knowledge.

In The Japanese Garden Club there’s audio and video interviews with from my network of colleagues all over the world who understand your desires and wishes to have your own Japanese garden….and there will be new ones every month!

You get access to must-have practical information on everything from Bonsai to Koi to Moss and Stones and Rocks.

PLUS I will give you a copy of my latest Japanese garden design book called ’11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese’

cover-example2aIt’s packed with tips, inspiration and practical examples to use in your own Japanese garden plans.

AND you get access to the ‘Turn Your Garden Japanese’ audio podcast series on ALL aspects of Japanese gardening from designs through to how to overcome any mental barriers or fears that you may have that are standing in the way of you getting started on a Japanese style garden at home.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg….

If you’re serious about having your own Japanese garden a place of tranquillity, peace and extraordinary beauty – but you don’t want to pay a lot of money for it or spend every waking hour on it… this is for you.

I would love you to try this. I know you will be amazed at what you can achieve with the right tools and support.

You Have 3 Excellent Options To Get Started TODAY With our FULL GUARANTEE Naturally…

But please hurry, if you want a risk-free place, you must act fast.TODAY I have this special introductory OFFER for you. To join ‘The Japanese Garden Club’ I have made membership a very affordable $7.95 a month. This will give you instant access to ALL the invaluable information and help that I have told you about and NEW MONTHLY CLUB UPDATES to help you achieve your dream Japanese garden space at home!

Take A Look At These Savings…..

If you prefer to not commit to a monthly payment you can sign up for our specially discounted 6 MONTH membership for just $29.97 that’s a saving of nearly 40% over a 6 month period.

OR you can join for a year to make the best use of all the helpful and inspiring content in the Japanese Garden Club. 12 Months membership is a one off fee of $54.77 SAVING you over $40 a year on a yearly FULL membership!

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‘Yes, I’d like a risk-free trial’


CLICK on the ‘SUBSCRIBE BUTTON’ to choose your membership payment option – monthly, 6 monthly or yearly to activate your membership of ‘The Japanese Garden Club’ …I can’t wait to welcome you inside!

I look forward to helping you create something truly special.

Kindest regards,



Russ Chard – Founder of ‘The Japanese Garden Club’

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Being a member gives you the chance to connect with like minded individuals who love Japanese gardens, and you can chat, exchange and share ideas within the club too!

PLUS you get NEW EXCLUSIVE CONTENT added to ‘The Japanese Garden Club’ EVERY MONTH to inspire you in your Japanese garden creation!